Building Social Research Capacities in Higher Education Institutions in Lao PDR and Malaysia (BRECIL)

Executive Summary

The first TOT of the BRECIL project was held at the Faculty of Letters, National University of Laos (NUOL) from 4th to 6th September, 2019. This is the first training of BRECIL project (DEV1). We have three master trainers from University of Malaya (UM). This training intended to focus on the first part of the training, which included several chapters, for example, introduction, literature review, research design, data collection, critical thinking and dissemination. This would help the trainees to gain more understanding in several aspects in doing research.

Three days training (September 4th to 6th, 2019)

TOT (DEV1) is one of the main objectives of the BRECIL project. The final objective is to create a sustainable research capacity building programme in Social Sciences including the utilization of ICT technologies leading to sustainable high-quality research, conditions for cooperation and potential for policy impact. This is three-year project (2017-2020). The details of the three days training as follows:

Day 1

The opening ceremony went well with the meaningful opening speech from the Vice Rector of NUOL (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchanh Bounphanhmy). She tried to emphasize the important of this project in order to improve the academic in term doing research, which is the core role of the academics at the university level. Then Dr. Latsanyphone briefing the project and plan for TOT training in 2019 and 2020. In fact, There were 74 participants, which include the trainee from 5 faculties, namely, Faculty of Letters (10), Faculty of Education (10), Faculty of Social Science (10), Faculty of Economic and business management (9), and Faculty of Law and Political Science (8) (47 academics), other Offices at the University level, the representative from other Faculties and the head of department and division from FLE, National University of Laos. The master trainers’ team from UM conducted two sessions which were Introduction to Research and Research Resign. The session one was facilitated on Introduction to Research by Dr. Kuang Ching Hei. This was followed by session two facilitated on Research Design by Associate Professor Dr. Faridah Noor.

Day 2

The second was the day of TOT conducted two sessions of training which were Literature Review and Data Collection. The first session was facilitated on Chapter 5 Literature Review by Prof Dr. Maya khemlani David and the second session was facilitated on Chapter 6 Data Collection by Dr Kuang Ching Hei. In the end, 5 groups conducted their micro-teaching in front of the three master trainers from University of Malaya.

Day 3

Two chapters were conducted in the last day of the TOT. In the morning, Prof Dr. Maya khemlani David conducted Chapter 13 Critical thinking. In the afternoon, the training started with the micro-teaching of 4 groups of the students, who were assigned to teaching since Monday. Then Associate Professor Dr. Faridah Noor gave the training of Chapter 10 Dissemination, which would assist the trainees to provide the effective presentation. Next, each mater trainers summarized the lesson from the first day in brief and provided the feedback for the trainees. The coordinator provided more information for the next training.

UM and National University of Laos (NUOL)

No.Name and surnameDesignation
1 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faridah. Noor Binti Mohn Noor Master Trainer
2 Professor Maya Khemlani Kirshenchand David Master Trainer
3 Dr. Kuang Ching Hei Master Trainer
4 Mr. Xia Menghu Project Manager
5 Ms. Marsha Prema Mriya Muthusamy Project Member
6 Dr. Latsanyphone Soulignavong Coordinator for NOUL
7 Mr. Sisaath Khaopaseuth, Project Member (QA / RG)
8 Ms. Manivone Phongsa Project Member (TOT)
9 Mr. Bouangeune Souvannasy Project Member (RG)
10 Mr. Onsee Khamphouvong Project Member (TOT)

Trainees of NUOL (50 participants)

1. Faculty of Letters

NoName and SurnameDesignation
1 Ms. Sinebounsy Sonephanh Trainee
2 Ms. Hommala Phensisanavong Trainee
3 Ms. Soutsakhone Bouasangthong Trainee
4 Ms. Thidathip Soukhathammavong Trainee
5 Mr. Kor Thammakot Trainee
6 Mr. Souvanthone Bounlivong Trainee
7 Mr. Sonekham Seankhamta Trainee
8 Mr. Porthor Vanggue Trainee
9 Ms. Manivanh Vongkhamchanh Trainee
10 Ms. Hongkham Vongxay Trainee

2. Faculty of Economic and Business Management

NoName and SurnameDesignation
1 Ms. Vanhnisa Thammachack Trainee
2 Ms. Boutsakhone Keorodom Trainee
3 Ms. Thatniyom Souksone Trainee
4 Ms. Phanphasa Lomchanthala Trainee
5 Mr. Khamko Chantharangma Trainee
6 Ms. Lindara Vongphachanh Trainee
7 Ms. Chintana Khouangvichit Trainee
8 Mrs. Kiengkham Khamvilayvanh Trainee
9 Mr. Vansy Douangty Trainee
10 Ms. Vonethaly Vongsavanthong Trainee

3. Faculty of Social Science

NoName and SurnameDesignation
1 Ms. Engsone Sisomphone Trainee
2 Mr. Phothong Chanthavilay Trainee
3 Mrs. Chanpheng Pathoummalangsy Trainee
4 Dr. Souphinh Vongphachanh Trainee
5 Mr. Vilayouth Panya Trainee
6 Mr. Bounheuang Yachongtou Trainee
7 Ms. Panulom Sidthideth Trainee
8 Miss. Davone Chemmalay Trainee
9 Mr.Souliyong Thammavongsa Trainee
10 Ms.Vilaythieng Sisouvong Trainee

4. Faculty of Education

NoName and SurnameDesignation
1 Ms. Alounyang Yongye Trainee
2 Ms. Toulavanh Sisavath Trainee
3 Ms. Soulida Inthavilay Trainee
4 Ms. Phavady Phoodthahaksa Trainee
5 Ms. Khamphor Sengchanh Trainee
6 Ms. Bountang Soukhavong Trainee
7 MS. Chanmany Rattanavongsa Trainee
8 Mr. Soutta Inthavong Trainee
9 Mr. Lena Phonemajedy Trainee
10 Mr. Jittakorn Inseachiangmai Trainee

5. Faculty of Law and Political Science

NoName and SurnameDesignation
1 Thongphoune Soukkasen Trainee
2 Bounyadeth Daopasith Trainee
3 Dr. Boualaphiane Sisouk Trainee
4 Mr. Saengaloun syharath Trainee
5 Mr. Bounlerth Pharphackdy Trainee
6 Mr. Nouphone Phomemahaxay Trainee
7 Mr. Phanthasak Mingnakhone Trainee
8 Mr.Yotxay Dalasack Trainee
9 Janry Singhalath Trainee
10 Somphavanh Syharath Trainee